Wabash Valley Musicians Hall of Fame

'Promoting fellowship and friendship among all musicians of the Wabash Valley'

Hall Of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame Inductee List

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Hall of Fame Founders

At least four people played a role in the creation of the Wabash Valley Musicians Hall of Fame - Bill Akers, Alva Grindle, Terry Haughee and Arlie Price.  Bill and Alva are considered to be our primary founders since they clearly led the efforts to form the Hall and invested the most time, effort and money into starting the Hall and keeping it operating. We especially honor Alva, because without his resolve to keep the Hall operatiing, the organization would never have survived the closing of BJ's Lounge.  However, all four men made significant contributions to the Hall, and we are proud to acknowledge all of them as our Founding Fathers.

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Hall of Fame Inductee Musical Biographies

The Hall of Fame is proud of our inductees and their accomplishments, and we would like for our inductees to be more than just a name on a plaque or a web site.  Therefore, we encourage our members to submit their musical history for inclusion on this page.

If you are an inductee and you don't see your name in the list below, we encourage you to browse the below histories that have been submitted so that you can see what we are looking for, then submit your information to us for posting on this page. You may use a questionnaire form if you wish.  To do this, click here to print or download the questionnaire, then click your browser's Back button to return here.  Please write on the form that it is for the Musician History page.

If you are not an inductee, but can provide the necessary information about an inductee, we invite you to submit a questionnaire on their behalf.  Again, please write on the form that it is for the musician history page.

Please provide as much information as you can so that we will have enough to create a page for you.  If possible, include up to six (6) pictures to be posted on your page.

We realize that this is an ambitious project that will take a long time, and we may never get a biography for every one of our members, but we feel it is important to do what we can to keep the memory of our inductees alive.

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