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Musical History of Robert "Bob" Pell

Musical Influences 

Bob Pell started playing baritone ukulele at age 9.  When he was 10, he got a Harmony Stella guitar and an alto sax after seeing Paul Revere & the Raiders on their television show, "Where The Action Is".  He played guitar and alto sax at Brazil High School and won the John Philip Sousa Award as a senior.

In recent times, Bob has again taken up playing the ukulele.

Musical Career

Bob joined his first band in fifth grade (1966).  The band was named The Piranhas and included Henry Swartz, who later became known as Henry Lee Summer.

During his college and law school years, Bob played bass and sax in Summer, with Henry Swartz and Ric Jeffries.  He also performed in the R.L. Jeffries Band, the Scott Miller Orchestra, the Country Rocks and the IUPUI Jazz Band (which played at Indiana Pacers basketball games.

Bob moved to Florida in 1980 and managed The Rubber Thongs and Larry Joe Miller & the Rockabilly Rockets in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Returning to Indiana in 1982, Bob was the original guitarist for Eddie & the Motivators.  The Motivator's version of Bob's song, "I Like Guns" was used in the local film "Terror Haute III" and was played on "The Doctor Demento" radio show.  Bob left the Motivators, but rejoined them some years later.

In the 1990's, he and wife Jan Ella formed The Hypnotics with Jerome Cheatham and Tim Huber.

Over the years, Bob has played bass with Boone Dunbar, baritone sax with The Saxations, guitar with Early Mourning, guitar and sax in The Fabulous 40's and performed in the band for many Clay County Community Theater productions including "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Man of LaMancha".

Since his college days, Bob has played saxophone in the Jackson Township Community Band and The Brazil Concert Band under the direction of Hall of Fame member Matthew Huber.

Memorable Moments

Bob recalled that, during his fifth grade year (1966), he and his band, The Piranhas (which included a young Henry Lee Summer), performed a rendition of the Yardbirds song "For Your Love" for the school, and were met with complete silence from the audience.

Hall of Fame

Bob was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a part of the Class of 2012.

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Bob Pell Picture
Bob Pell Picture
Bob Pell Picture

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