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Questions, comments or complaints

We have answers to many common questions and comments on our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Please check it out to see your question or comment has already been addressed.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please call, send an email or a letter, or talk directly to a Board member. 

If you have a complaint, we would appreciate being able to talk to you directly, either by telephone or in person.  Most issues require some dialog so that we can get clarification or additional information, and offer a detailed explanation.  If you don't give us a way to communicate with you, our options for resolving your issue are limited.

Questionnaires to be sent electronically

If you downloaded the questionnaire to a file on your computer and filled it out there, you can email it to us.  Click the link in the E-Mail box on the right to start an email, attach your file and click Send.  You will receive an acknowledgement when your message is received.

Photos to be posted on this site

Do you have photos we can use?  We're looking for photos of our inductees and Band of Angels, photos of local musicians, especially those with a connection to the Hall of Fame, and photos of local bands regardless of whether their members are in the Hall of Fame.

If possible, put the photo into an electronic format, and then click the link in the E-Mail box on the right to start an email, attach your photo file and click Send.  Be sure to let us know who is in the picture and what year it was taken.  If you cannot put the photo into an electronic format, either make a copy and mail it to us, or email or call us to discuss how we can obtain a copy.

Please do not sent copies of copyrighted photos, as we cannot post them without the written permission of the copyright holder.

Volunteer to help at an event

Please call, send an email or a letter, or talk to a Board member.  Tell us which event(s) you are interested in, how you would be willing to help, and how and when we can contact you.



Call Andrew Hayes at 812-243-4598.

Calls where the number is blocked will not be answered.  We are willing to listen to any comment or complaint you might have, but the process must be open and honest.


Click here to send us an e-mail message. 

E-mail is checked only once a week, so please give us time to respond.

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