Wabash Valley Musicians Hall of Fame

'Promoting fellowship and friendship among all musicians of the Wabash Valley'

The Band of Angels

About the Band of Angels

The Band of Angels (also known as the BOA) was created to honor Wabash Valley musicians who have passed away.  Inductees into the Hall of Fame are automatically added to the BOA when they pass away.  However, the BOA is also used to honor other worthy musicians who, for various reasons, had not been inducted before they passed away.

The members of the Band Of Angels are honored each year on a memorial list like the example at the right.  These lists are available for purchase at the various Hall of Fame functions.  We also honor them with a page in the Photo Gallaries on this web site.

If you wish to see a full list of who is in the Band of Angels, visit the Band of Angels page in our photo galleries section or click here.

We need pictures!  When you visit the Band of Angels photo gallery, you will see that we have very few pictures.   If you have a picture of a Band of Angels inductee, we would appreciate having a copy.  Please see the Contact Us page for information.

Submit A Name for the Band of Angels

If the deceased musician was a member of the Hall of Fame, please let us know their name.  We would appreciate it if you can provide a copy of their obituary and a picture.  If you let us know soon enough, we will display the Hall of Fame wreath at the services. 

If the deceased was not a member of the Hall of Fame, please provide us with some information on their musical career to help us determine whether or not they are qualified.  We prefer that nominees have a musical career that spanned at least 15 years, but this can be waived if sufficient justification is provided.  As with those who were Hall of Fame members, we would appreciate it if you can provide a copy of their obituary and a picture.

See the Contact Us page on this web site for instructions on how to reach us.