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Band of Angels

This page lists the musicians who have been inducted into the Band of Angels (the BOA) and displays pictures where available.  Please visit the Band of Angels page in the About Us section for learn about the Band of Angels.

Unlike other pages on this site, which list names alphabetically in columns (up and down), this page lists names in alphabeteically in rows (left to right).  Given the large number of names in the BOA, maintenance of the page would be nearly impossible if names were alphabetized in columns.

Band of Angels members who were also members of the Hall of Fame have their induction year listed after their name.

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List of the Band of Angels


Jimmy Adami James Aitken Bill Akers (1994)
Wally Akers Rick Albrecht Tim Allen
Donnie Anderson Jim Anderson Joe Anderson
Wayne Anderson Shirley Armstrong Woody Atterson (2007)
Mark Auman


Flo Bailey Hoover Baker Bill Balduzzi
Steven L. Barden Roscoe "Red" Barnett Leo Baxter
Rosie Baysinger (1996) Tommy Baysinger (1995) Jack Beeson
Cliff Bennett Gene Bentley Francis Boatman
Rudy Bohine Robert W. Bolling Donnie Bonomo
Steven Borgman John Boyd David Branson
Joe Branson Kenny Brown Larry Brown (2002)
Wayman Brown (2007) Bob Buck Bob Burton


Bill Campbell Mark Cantin Burnett Caudill
Dr. Dan Cheek Virginia Cheeks Leroy Cheeseman (1995)
Jane Chesterfield (1995) Bill Chilton (1994) David Chrisman (1998)
Juanita Chrisman (1999) Bob Clearwater Bob Coleman (1994)
Ida Coleman (1997) Charlie Cooper Paul Cooper (1994)
J.T. Corenflos (2020) Jerry Corenflos (1996) Joe Cottrell
Will Cox (2007) Frank Crawford (1999) Scatman Crothers
Lester Cunningham (2016)


Reva Dailey (2015) Andy Clarence Daugherty
Coy Daugherty Doug Davis (2012) Johnny 'Scat' Davis
David Ditto Charlie Divincenzo Max Doan
Johnny Dodd Jack Doyle Jim Doyle (2010)
Jerry Drake Paul Dresser Boone Dunbar (1994)
Mike Dunfee Jimmy Dye


Vivian Eckert Jim Elrod Speedy Embrey (1995)
James Evitts (1997)


Jerry Fagg, Sr. (1996) Ron Falber Nancy South Falber
Richard Fell Melvin Fields Marvin Fife
Guy "Finny" Filchak (2009) Bill Fivecoat (2000) Eddie Frakes (2008)
Harry Frey (2007) Carl Fulk Bill Fulwiler
Claudia Fulwiler (2009)


Steve Garlits Charlie Brown Garrison Harry Gee
Leo Gibbons David Gibbs Joe Gilbert
John Giles Freddy Glenn (1994) George Graesch
David Graham Doug Graham Richard Graham
Rusty Grant Dan Gresh Roy Griese (2011)
Paul Grimes Alva Grindle Dale Gullett


David Halsted Doug Hanscom George Harbour
William Harbour Steve Harris Terry Haughee (2002)
Don Hayes, Sr. (1994) Warren Henderson, Sr. Warren Henderson, Jr.
Jim Hooper Dave Hopkins, Sr. (1995) Charlie Hugg (2009)
Don Hugg (1999) Steve Humphrey Edward Hutchinson


Douglas Inman Norman Lee Isbell Burl Ives


Bryan Jackson, Sr. (1997) Brian Jackson, Jr. Bubba Jackson
John E. Jackson (2013) Mike Jenkins Jack Johnson (1995)
Carl Jones Carl Jones, Jr. Lee Jones
Jack Joy (2007)


Carl Keegan (2008) Geneva Kellett Linda Kellett
Brian Kelly Charles M. Kelly Kenny Kelly
Earl King Joe "JW" King Larry Kingery (2007)
Joe Kirkman (2000) Don Kyle (1994)


John Laffoon (1994) Herman Lamasters (1994) John Lamb (2007)
George Land Forrest Langley (1994) Don Lazzell (2010)
Darrell Leslie Ron Leslie (1998) Jack Lewis (2000)
Richard Livingston (1996) Brian Loveless Paul Lidington
Virgil Lundsford Bill Lundwall John Lusco
Ronald Lusco


Ish Malone Freddie Mandock (1994) Elmer Mann
James Mattox (1998) Tom Mauer Edward "Bud" McCammon
Mick McCown Donnie McCoy (2006) Russ McCoy
Lee McCullough (1994) Earle Melendy (2008) Leon Mercer (2007)
Baron Mitchell Denver Moore (1995) Dick Morgan (1997)
Richard Morris (2018)


Art Newell (1999) Greg Norris


Mark Oaks Chuck Oric


James Padgett (1997) Doris Pell Harley Pell
Mitch Perdue Bill Peters Ron Peters
Pete Peterson Ethel "Lou" Petrulis Jim Petrulis (2011)
Charles Pickens David Pierce (2007) Annie Pinkston
Harold Plessinger (1999) Danny Polo Carl Porter
Woody Powers Jack Presser Arlie Price (1996)
Pat Price (1998) Bill Priest Danny Pruitt
Darrell Pruitt, Sr. Marion Pruitt, Sr. (1995)


Len Quinlan (2007)


Mike Raftis Vic Ray (1994) Bill Reed
Ronald Reed Dave Reedy Bill Reynolds (2000)
Jack Richardson Mark Richardson Mary Steele Richardson
Bill Richey (1994) Leonard Richey Phil Richey (1997)
Red Richey Darrell Rickert Tom Riley (2011)
Craig Roberts (1998) Fred Earl Roberts (2009) Ray Roberts (1998)
Roy Robinson (2006) Ronald Ray Rodgers (2020) Bob Rogers
George Rogers, Sr. "Sonny" Rogers (1994) Kenneth Roman
Paul Roman Donnie Rose Rudy Ross (2000)
Bill Royer Allan "Skip" Ryley (2008)


Virgil Sauls William Schomer Jack Scott
Lloyd Sears Charlie Seward Allen Shaffer, Sr.
Keith Shaw (2007) Gloria Shipman Richard Skinner
Byron Smith Bishop Donald R. Smith Robert "Bob" Smith (1999)
Ted "Shorty" Smith (2006) Bernie Smithart Susan Sneddon
Willard Sollars, Sr. Willard Sollars, Jr. (2007) Grace Spence
Rod Stoops Jim Strange Jack Lee Stevens
Buddy Stewart (1995) Bob Stough John Stiffey (1996)
Tom Stiffey (1996) Jim Strain Fred Strammer
John Strole "Farmer" Stultz (1999) Paul Sturm (2000)
John Sutphin Walter Sutphin Helen Ann Suttle
Norma Swain Georgia Laney Syvertsen (2007) Jim Syester


James Thistle (2013) Dick Thomas Mike Thomas
Roy Thompson Claude Thornill Byron Tomlinson (2000)
Franz Tomlinson (2007) Gene Trimble Bing Trout
Georgetta Trout Joe Tucker Larry Tucker (1994)


Charles "Charlie" Vash


Johnny Wade Stacie Wagle IV Chet Walden
Danny Walker (1996) Richard "Bud" Walker Dave Wampler
Charles Warren David Watkins Docie Weger (1999)
Harry Weger (1995) Jerry Weist John R. Wence
Harrold Whaley Don Whistler (1994) Bob White (1994)
Taskeer Wilham Gene Wilhite (1994) "Rod" Williams (1999)
Stanley Williams Paul Wills Tince Wilson
Rubin "Al" Winn (2000) Al Withrow (2016) Oliver E. Woods Jr. (2007)
Clair Woodward (2013) Jerry Woodward (2009) Barney Wright
H. Rendall Wright Johnny Wright Sara Wright (2015)

Pictures of the Band of Angels

Bob Coleman
Bob Coleman
Harold Plessinger
Harold Plessinger
Don Kyle
Don Kyle
Johnny Dodd
Johnny Dodd
Frank Crawford
Frank Crawford
Roy Robinson
Roy Robinson
Terry Haughee
Terry Haughee
Al Winn
Rubin "Al" Winn
Rod Williams
George "Rod" Williams
Brian Kelley
Brian Kelley
Steve Harris
Steve Harris
Bing and Georgetta Trout
Bing & Georgetta Trout
Andy Daugherty
Andy Daugherty
Bill Peters
Bill Peters
Georgia Laney Syvertson
Georgia Laney Syvertson
Al Withrow
Al Withrow
Jim Mattox
Jim Mattox
Steven Barden
Steven Barden
Jack Scott
Jack Scott
Reva Dailey
Reva Dailey
Will Cox
Will Cox
Arley Price
Arlie Price
Nancy South Falber
Nancy South Falber
Claudia Fulwiler
Claudia Fulwiler
John Lamb
John Lamb
Danny Walker
Danny Walker
Junior Sollars
Willard "Junior" Sollars
Sara Wright
Sara Wright
Wayne Anderson
Wayne Anderson
J.T. Corenflos
J.T. Corenflos
Ronald Ray Rodgers
Ronald Ray Rodgers
Leon Mercer
Leon Mercer
Bob Smith
Robert "Bob" Smith