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Musical History of Robert "Rob" Lane

Musical Influences 

Robert Lane grew up in a family of musicians.  One of his grandfathers played piano and organ in a number of bands in the 1940’s and 50’s.  His father was a good singer who performed in gospel quartets and octets.  Two uncles were accomplished organ and guitar players.

Robert enjoyed singing from a very young age.  He sang in choir and special musical groups in Junior High and High School.  He sang in church choirs for many years.

Robert’s first instrument was clarinet, which he began playing in school.  However, it didn’t hold his interest and he quit after playing for one year. 

When the “British Invasion” began in the 1960’s, Robert and three friends decided to form a band, even though none of them could play an instrument.  Being a Paul McCartney fan, he wanted to play bass, but one of his friends had already claimed that position, so he chose guitar.  He bought a guitar and started teaching himself to play.  However, the metal strings hurt his fingers so much that he switched to baritone ukulele, which had nylon strings, then returned to guitar after his fingers gained some calluses.

The band with his friends never came together, but it didn’t take him long to join a band as guitarist.  But when he auditioned for his second band, he was told that they needed a bass player, not another guitar player, so he agreed to learn to play bass guitar.  In the years that followed, he occasionally played guitar, but his main instrument was the bass guitar.

Robert played many musical styles over the course of his career, starting with was Top 40 rock & roll in its day (now known as "classic rock") and later including Country, Disco, Funk, Blues and whatever other styles needed to provide him with work.

Musical Career

Most of Robert’s career was as a member of bands or small groups, including the following:

1965-1966 Played guitar with a garage band that never settled on a name
1966-1968 Played bass with The Bitter End band
1968-1971 Played bass with The Royals band
1971-1974 Played bass in a country music duo with Tim Price
1974 Played bass with The Bitter End II band
1976 Played bass with The Effigy band
1976-1978 Played bass and guitar with The Stonegate band
1978-1979 Played bass and guitar with the Mystery Train band
1979 Played bass with the Satisfaction band
1979-1980 Played bass and guitar with The Bob Lane Blues band
1980-1981 Played bass and guitar with The Enterprise band
1981 Played bass with the Country Fever band
1981-1982 Played bass with The Northwest Express band
1982-1987 Played bass and guitar with the FanFare band
1988-1992 Played bass with the Enterprise band
1993-2009 Played bass with the FanFare band
2003-2014 Played bass with The Mirage band
2005-2006 Played bass in Susan Smith Duo, played dinner music for events
2015-Now Played bass with the Tones Of Joy band
2017-2018 Played bass with The Mirage band
2018-Now Played bass with The Railroaded band

He also filled in with many area bands when they needed temporary help.  In addition to his work with bands and small groups, he played guitar for a praise music team at church for many years.

Memorable Moments

Robert sang with the all-state high school choir in Indianapolis during his senior year in high school.

Robert had the opportunity to record a number of songs in the studio of WISU-FM in 1976, and three of the songs got air time on the radio.  He also performed a few jobs with Henry Lee Summer, who went on to become a recording artist.

Hall of Fame

Robert was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a part of the Class of 2006.

He volunteered to write and maintain a web site for the Hall of Fame in July 2008.  The web site was launched about a month later.  Robert continues to serve as the Hall's web master, and occasionally assists with the Hall's Facebook page.

Robert was elected to the Board of Directors in August 2008.  He was appointed to perform the duties of Secretary in 2009 after Terry Wenzel retired from the Board.  He was formally elected to the position in 2010 and re-elected in 2012 and 2014. He declined to run again in 2016, but served as an assistant to the new Secretary, responsible for the questionnaires, obituaries and the Hall's email account.

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